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Nominatie ARC18 Innovatie Award

Inspired by the sustainable and hospitality ambition of Xander Bueno de Mesquita, the Smart City Kitchen was asked to make the QO building a connected place in the local neighborhood and the city of Amsterdam. The Amstelkwartier association was established  (vereniging Amstelkwartiermakers) with the QO hotel as one of the leading members. The result; not… Read more »

Smart City Article in the Actual Smart City, Barcelona

The Smart City Kitchen has published in 2017 an article about the firms Smart Urbanity view. A must read for the Smart City expert who want to know more about Citizens Engagement, the power of Communities in the city and some best Smart practices. https://www.smartscities.com/en/articles/amsterdam-balanced-smart-city

A great start of a new community and platform, Amstelgoed!

About 70 entrepreneurs where at the start event of the Amstelgoed community. Amstelgoed is a platform where entrepreneurs collaborate around a shared ambition! The ambition to set the rural area in the south of Amsterdam  as a brand of products and program’s. The community is fundament to collaborate and create new programs and products. In 2017… Read more »

Smart City Kitchen speaks at the University of Aveiro (Portugal)

On the 23nd en 24th of februari David Tuinzing will speak at Conferência de Planeamento Regional e Urbano‎. The subject is: Collaborative Planning, Participation, Collective Evaluation and Decisions Making Process. The Balanced Smart City Model and the roadmap towards smart Urbanity is central in his speech.  

Roadmap towards Smart Urbanity

After more then 50 smart cases by the smart city kitchen.. Attached a try to define a roadmap to become a smart and circular city (district)..It is just one of the roadmaps in the smart city movement, but the Smart City Kitchen feels happy with it, and so are the customers;-

We want to make the city smart in a sustainable way, not adhoc!

How can you connect the smart and circular urban ambitions to them who experience the day to day challenges? The Smart City Kitchen starts the dialogue with the main stakeholders in the field. Actors from the project level up to the top management level of the municipality and corporate companies. What are the failures till… Read more »

Proud about the tracks from the past

Proud of the tracks from the past Exactly 10 years ago I started to work in the city development. Now I look back with great pride to the tracks that are left behind. The idea of how the future city must look like is definitely not set only by me, but is definitely the result… Read more »

The arise of the 1st Smart & Circulair district

The Smart City Kitchen is developing a new smart and circular area (Amstel Quarter) near the Amstel river in the city of Amsterdam. This is the first district where people, systems, buildings and sources are getting connected! Not only in the technical way. It started by building a community around the shared social and economic… Read more »